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Third Eye
Spiritual guidance & celestial body work
Meet Amelia

Meet Katarina Viento del Alba

Spiritual life coach

Katarina Viento del Alba was introduced at an early age to telepathy, body work and herbalism.

She started her professional practice after her Spiritual alignment in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico where she lived in open inspiration for  10 years.

It is in the sacred ground of  Mayas, where she studied Mayan Cosmo Vision, energy work and osteopathy.

She continues her passion for telepathy and clairvoyance through self-studies inspired by 'remote viewers'.

She had run her own spa "Green Tara"  for 7 years in Riviera Maya.

Ancient and celestial beliefs are translated by her for the modern world, uniting all aspects into one.

The Divine healing energy that flows through Katarina Viento del Alba is the support system and gate for change you have been searching for.

Creating sacred and safe space known as vortex, allows miracles happen.

Reviving the consciousness of your eternal soul  while your body is showerd with love, she invites you for a journey to healthy and peaceful life, of empowerment, inspiring the cultivation of self-love, and of 

awareness of life it self.

Why Naturopathy

Why is Spiritual guidance combined with Physical therapy?

Your body is with you since you were born. It holds memories. The psychotherapy for our body is loving touch. Deep profound care for the body, muscles, reconnecting meridians, unblocking energetic path ways through loving massage, remembers the body the moment of  'ease' and releases anxieties, tension, pressure and and resets it vibration. Pushing the right 'buttons' allows me to enter into your reality, into your mind, strengthen your spirit and remember love.

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Self love

In the times where society focus on our imperfections, self love becomes a revolution.

Letting go

Sudden lost of carpet from under our feet creates disorientation, confusion and discomfort. Who am I now?

Combating habits

Bringing awareness to our  mechanisms, we focus on our rejection of constant change.

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We are programmed, to constantly tell our selves that we are not good enough. We believe that something will happen in future and we will be living better life. Are you willing to change? 


We are soaked in anxiety while, we are constantly thinking ahead of present moment. 

Inner child

Lets cultivate a sacred space, where you can travel in time and meet  your wounded inner child. Learn to listen.



I felt so beautifully held and cared for, wrapped up in blankets beside fire. A feeling I remember from when i was a child.

Katarina's heart was very clear and pure and the care and compassion she showed was profoundly healing.

All electricity in my body was grounded in the moment of comfort and relaxation, as her healing hands worked through every muscle to break down physical tension and invisible anxieties.

I was reborn with every care melted and all stress erased, healed, happy and grateful.

— Jeremy Whelehan, London


Initial Consultation & Healing Session
Follow Up 
Healing Session
Sound healing & Temazcal
Leaves 4

Session includes a intuitive combination of following healing tools:


healing loving massage,


talk therapy,

restart of perception,

cutting old or current 'vampire' bonds,

tuning 7 energy centers - chacras,  

inviting blessings,

reconnection with your vital force, 

smoke cleanse with copal,

spiritual cleansing,

guided meditation,

breathing practice, 

astral travel,

tarot reading,


correcting harmful mind patterns, affirmations,

recommendation of herbal or juice detox.

Contact Info

Social net.

+351 934 457 427

Pe de Serra, Colares, Portugal

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I have come to drag you out of yourself, and take you in my heart. I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had and lift you like a prayer to the sky. Rumi

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